Music Review: D.A. Wallach’s Time Machine


Pharrell is a smart man. He put all his marbles in Chester French around 2005. Chester French was my jam when I was in college. Chester French was unassuming because when you look at them on paper you figure, ok, two silly college white boys making indie-pop-funk music. Not only do you get that trio of tunes, but you’re also hit with sweeping orchestra interludes and thoughtful piano driven ballads. They were successful partly because of how affectionately lead singer D.A. Wallach can croon about something as simple as Jimmy Choos or flip it around and pull your heart strings about love and loneliness. I’ve been anticipating D.A. Wallach’s solo effort for a while now, and after streaming it today, I can say it’s definitely been worth the wait. Although I had singles like “Glowing” and “The Farm” to tide me over, Time Machine as a whole is so concise and imaginative. One of the best tracks from which the album gets its title, is “Time Machine”. The harmony here intertwines so delicately in the chorus and bounces back effortlessly to this piano driven song. Harmony is something D.A. does so well. “Disaster” has a female vocalist on the track that adds even more weight to this song about a guy that’s warning a potential beau about his detrimental ways. It’s clear from D.A’s debut album that he’s sticking true to his unique voice and tone that got him to where he is today. Do yourself a favor and check out Time Machine from D.A. Wallach today! The entire album is streaming on Spotify now.

Download now: Disaster//Time Machine//Feel


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