Want New Music Wednesday



On Wednesday’s I’ll be posting some current jams from artists you may not have heard of that I hope you give a try!


Have you ever been somewhere, maybe the grocery store, mall, or restaurant and heard a song you knew you could not live without? That happened to me when I was in Banana Republic a few weeks ago and heard a gorgeous voice over the speakers sing what sounded like poetry, “And what was left fell right, I watched the night begin to fall into the sun”. I pulled out my phone and typed in the lyrics to discover this funky, soul-pop mashup song is from English artist RØMANS. Make sure you turn the volume up on this track and get to moving.

Guster “Doin’ It By Myself”

Sometimes I’m very skeptical of Spotify. I don’t know why I don’t fully trust their judgment in recommending artists and songs for me. I’m not sure where this comes from but thankfully most times, they are DEAD ON in tune with my music tastes. While strolling the Discover tab, I came across the new album by Guster Evermotion. I was immediately drawn to this song because it’s simple. The strum of the guitar lined with the steady up-tempo drums makes it feel familiar but in a good way in that it’s comfortable and classic. This song makes you wish summer would hang around for a little longer.

Chris Cornell “Circling”

It may be because I’m on a concert high from seeing Chris Cornell last month at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, but I still swoon like crazy when I hear this song. Chris has such a powerful, yet calm presence in his approach to singing and songwriting that’s so refreshing after so many years in the industry. The structure of the song is strong as well. I love the way he syncs up his own harmonies in the second verse. This track is off his latest album and guys, if you haven’t checked it out please do, it’s very good.


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