Friday Reviews

Adele: 25


Adele is back to remind us why she belongs in the all-time greats conversation. With the release of her third album 25 , Adele’s maturity as a singer and overall powerhouse soars on this record. Adele knows heartbreak all too well but much time has passed since her sophomore album 21. She’s a married woman with a child and the maturity in her vocals takes center stage, especially in the track, “Million Years Ago”. The delicate strumming of a classical guitar plays beside her as she laments, “I know I’m not the only one/Who regrets the things they’ve done/Sometimes I just feel it’s only me/Who can spend the reflection that they see”  Adele is aware that her adolescence is coming to a close but that doesn’t mean she can’t take a slow reflective look around before that door closes. Most of the world is already familiar with her first single from 25, “Hello”,  and if anything, that track truly ties together the theme of making peace and closure with the past. The most up-tempo track on the album is “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”. This Max Martin produced track tells a past love that she’s just fine with moving on, in fact she encourages him to try better next time with his love. Even when Adele does “pop” she brings a classic sophistication. It’s clear that Adele isn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds on 25, and her voice has the grace and ability to jump back between these different genres. Adele eases into her comeback as if no time has passed at all, but based on the rapid success of “Hello”, I think we needed this return more than we thought.

Download now: Send My Love (To Your New Lover)/ Million Years Ago     / When We Were Young

*Bonus* Song guaranteed to bring the house down: All I Ask

Ra Ra Riot: “Water”



Ra Ra Riot’s newest album, Need Your Light, will drop in February of 2016, but they’ve given us a little something today to get us excited for what’s to come. The first single, “Water”, is soulful, upbeat and downright fun. Ra Ra Riot teamed up with Vampire Weekend’s, Rostam Batmanglij on this track and another track that will also be featured on the album. The synth style and arrangement reminds me a lot of band Discovery, which happens to be the collaborative effort of both Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot’s front man Wes Miles. Settle back in the groove with “Water” below.



Wolfmother: “Victorious”



Wolfmother is back with their hard-hitting, 70’s psychedelic rock vibes. “Victorious”, the single from their upcoming album of the same name, veers towards the familiar but it’s refreshing rather than stagnant. The very beginning of the intro reminds me of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” but that is soon eclipsed with explosive guitar riffs that you’re accustomed to on a Wolfmother track. “Victorious” is fast, fun and will give indie rock a needed shot of adrenaline.  Give it a listen!


The Art of the Guilty Pleasure


Music is subjective. As much as you may love an artist and their music there’s always going to be someone that straight up hates it and might even shame you for it! What really defines ‘good’ music taste anyway? It’s difficult to pinpoint because are we basing this on commercial success? Overall public response? And what happens when we DO love something that goes completely AGAINST our own tastes? We become so afraid to profess our appreciation for a particular song or band that it gets shooed away into the “Guilty Pleasure” folders of our playlists. Well, today I’m going to open up those folders and share with you some of my biggest cringe-worthy artists/songs on my iPOD, because hey, someone out there is bound to like it. Let me know what yours are!

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