Friday Review

Sia: This is Acting


Today, Sia released her seventh studio album This is Acting and let me just say, it is sooo good. As a vocalist, Sia’s range is better than ever, and as a song writer her voice is equally as strong. On This is Acting, Sia isn’t afraid to play with key changes and move back and forth from either melancholy ballads or pop jams. Her soulful voice flies away in “Broken Glass”, as she sings, “I’m not discarding you like broken glass, there are no winners when the die is cast”. So far the breakout single from the album is “Alive”. This song was co-written with Adele and was originally intended to be on Adele’s album 25. I’m sure this would have sounded just a good coming from Adele but I feel the structure of “Alive” is better suited for Sia. Sia has the insane ability to add a distinct vulnerability to the most upbeat of dance tracks. On the non-deluxe version, the album closes with “Space Between”, a solemn beautiful ballad about the unspoken distance that’s taken its toll on a relationship. There is a great mix of both fun and poignant on This is Acting. That type of balance really cements Sia as a truly talented and well balanced performer. The album is available for streaming most everywhere and the deluxe version is available at Target.


Download now: Reaper/Footprints/House on Fire/Broken Glass


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