Dr Dog live at The Wiltern 2/19


I had the absolute privilege of finally being able to experience a Dr Dog live show this past Friday after years of building up such an affection for their music. Ever since a friend recommended I check out this psychedelic Beatles/Beach Boys inspired indie rock group 3 years ago, I’ve been hooked. Being able to see them live at one of my favorite LA venues, The Wiltern, was the icing on the cake. Although this was my first time seeing them, I can tell they’ve come a long way since their modest beginnings in the early 2000’s. The intricate lighting design of the stage complimented the music so well throughout the evening and keep the crowd roaring with each new song played, as well as every beloved classic belted. The sound and musicianship of the show was tight and I cannot rave enough about how incredibly gorgeous the vocals of both Toby Leaman and Scott McMickens were. Particularly Leaman, who often times carries the soul and grit of Dr Dog with his on stage presence and singing, blew me away. I’ve been going to live shows for as long as I can remember, and from what I’ve noted over the years, so many things have to come into effect in order for a live show to be successful. The venue has to be conducive for the band, the audience response has to be interchangeable with the bands energy, and most importantly, the band should sound good if not better than the record. All of these expectations were exceeded and then some. If they are EVER in your area, please do yourself a favor and check them out. Not only will you hear amazing music, you will be thoroughly entertained.


  • New song, “Bring My Baby Back to Me” is destined to be a new classic. Crowd was loving it, and it sounds just as dreamy and beautiful live.
  • They are so wise to close out each show with, “Lonesome”. It feels like you’re in the middle of their jam session. Everybody loves a song that features the audience singing back to them and getting into. If you weren’t already dancing by this time, you definitely were now.
  • I love that one of their most widely recognized and popular songs is a COVER. Audience went insane and danced away (as did I 🙂 when they played “Heart it Races”.

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