New Music Fridays!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted but that doesn’t mean great music hasn’t been released! Below are some quick recaps of some of my faves that I’ve been really digging. Hope you will too!


Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham

So I decided to give into the hype and check this guy out. Turn out he’s is a very talented singer. Think Danish Ed Sheeran. He and his band’s U.S self-titled debut album was released today. Overall, some of the tracks start to sound alike but I think he absolutely sounds fantastic on “Better Than Yourself”, and “You’re Not There”. My heart breaks in a million pieces on “You’re Not There”, a poignant ballad about all the major accomplishments and milestones his deceased father will miss. The overall sentiment on Lukas Graham is that he misses his father greatly but is just trying to figure out life as a young man on his own. This is especially exemplified on the pop/r&b track, “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me”. Lukas Graham comes off as sweet and genuinely passionate about his song writing and the production that goes into these songs. He’s big overseas, and I can definitely see him reaching that status over here.

Download: You’re Not There/Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me


Miike Snow


I could listen to Andrew Wyatt sing all day about anything. iii is Miike Snow’s latest album since 2012 and there are some very solid tracks on it. They always mix funk, soul and pop into such a concise blend. My hands down favorite is “Longshot (7 nights)”. The protagonist in this tale is pleading with his girl to slow down and not be obsessed with being somewhere she doesn’t have to be. Check out it out below!


Jeff Buckley

You and I

It’s hard to not be somber when listening to any Jeff Buckley song. Although gone far too soon, thankfully he’s left us an abundance of beautiful music. You and I contains a collection of covers sprinkled with two originals. The covers range in genre; everything from Sly and the Family Stone, Led Zeppelin all the way to The Smiths. Buckley has the kind of voice you can just put on, sit down and instantly feel better. His soothing tone exerts power when needed and grace when you least expect it. My favorite on here is, “Calling You”. Please give this song a listen if you can. Buckley displays his range and quiet force as he masters this Jevetta Steele cover.


Download: Calling You/ Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin’


Anthony Hamilton

What I’m Feelin’

For years I’ve known Anthony Hamilton has a stop-you-in-your-tracks soulful voice. I’ve never really paid too much attention to the albums he’s released over the years but What I’m Feelin’ popped up into my Spotify recommendations and I gave it a listen, and I’m so glad I did. Hamilton knows exactly what he’s doing. When it comes to the layering of harmonies, the production in each song, as well as the beautiful words he writes, What I’m Feelin’ excels as what could be heard as a breakup, love letter, or apology note all in one. I love the slow build of “Never Letting Go”. That song is sure to be a new wedding first dance song. I also love the steadiness and ease of “Grateful”. Check this album out if you can, and settle back for a smooth journey.

Download: Never Letting Go/Grateful


Ray LaMontagne


There is a common theme here with all these new releases; fantastic singers. LaMontagne is no exception. His voice pierces through you shakes you to your core. Ouroboros is the sixth album from the singer-songwriter. I love concept albums that have to be played from beginning to end to get the full effect. It’s no surprise that the album is produced by My Morning Jacket front-man, Jim James. There is a distinct slow burn of blues and soul all throughout the album. “Hey No Pressure”, is a classic LaMontagne sounding track. The hook is funky and pulls you in immediately. “While it Still Beats” startled me when I first heard it because LaMontagne’s voice is so directly in your face as he screams, “there ain’t no second place/if you don’t give them every ounce/they’ll cut it out”. The song ends just as airy and dreamy as a lot of the album is. If you really want to sail away and relax, give a listen to “In My Own Way”. LaMontagne does quiet, and soulful rage so well, and Ouroboros fits right into that mold.

Download: Hey No Pressure/While it Still Beats/In My Own Way



Bonus: Check out these amazing covers!

Borns “It’s My Party”


Trey Songz “Life on Mars?”


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