New Music Tuesday!


Can’t believe it’s been 3 months without a new post, but that doesn’t mean great music hasn’t been released check out some albums and singles I’ve been digging!

Emily King

The Switch (Deluxe version)

Emily, Emily, Emily. Why did I wait so long to get into your music? Two friends at two different times recommended I give your music listen, but I put it off. So when I saw that there was a new video featuring the hilarious Titus Burgess lip-syncing your single, “BYIMM”, I tuned in. And then I went crazy on iTunes sampling and buying your music. Emily King is a petite songstress that rocks a mean pompadour and shoulder pad blazers. Her voice is quietly soulful but has real grit to it. The music in every one of King’s albums deserves much praise on its own. The production and styling is nearly perfect, especially on the deluxe version of her album The Switch, released this year. “Distance” is without a doubt one of the best new songs I’ve ever heard. Everything about it is perfect from beginning to end. The way the guitar chords introduce a sleepy-like lullaby all the way to the R&B jam session that concludes the albums best track. There are so many flavors on this album and it’s a delight to sample each. From the soulful harmony overlap hook of “Good Friend”, all the way to the triumphant crescendo of “Animal”. Don’t wait like me; stop what you’re doing and check this girl out!

Hot Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat

The Canadian indie rock group most known for their 2002 hit single, “Bandages” has sadly released their final album. Since coming onto the scene in 1999 the BC group has released four solid albums including this self-titled record Hot Hot Heat. Lead singer Steve Bays’ vocals remain as sweet and awkward as ever (in the best way possible). I’ve always enjoyed the stories told for each Hot Hot Heat record. “Pulling Levers” shines a light on being the ignorance of being guided by outside influences, while “Modern Mind” borrows from the futuristic undertones of the bands last album Future Breeds. I’m thankful I got to see Hot Hot Heat perform at the Wiltern back in 2008. They were fun, energetic, and sounded ridiculously tight live. I’ll have to carry that music memory with me as the band rides off into the sunset, but at least I have their wonderful music to keep me company.

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

You might be wondering why Hamilton is on this list. Despite the countless accolades and praise, this album is still just so so good. I truly do listen to it every week if not every day. To say Lin Manuel Miranda has crafted a masterpiece would be an understatement. I love musicals and frequently listen to cast albums for Les Miserable, Phantom of the Opera and West Side Story. But there’s something different about Hamilton. It hooks you right in. It’s difficult to grasp. Each time listen, you grow to love each voice and character. The album isn’t vocally intimidating which makes it so much fun to sing along to. My favorites rotate each week but right now my favorite is “One Last Time”, featuring the outstanding Christopher Jackson on lead vocals as George Washington. How Miranda can include actual transcript of Washington’s farewell address and make it leap out of the song and soar is a marvel in itself. My absolute number one favorite remains“The Schuyler Sisters”. Those girls better saang. You can’t help but dance and strike a pose when you hear the encouragement to “WORK WORK!” Miranda has made both history and the musical genre fun, insightful, and touching. and  The edited version of the album is (finally!) on Spotify and iTunes. If you’ve been living under an rock and haven’t heard it at all, do that now.

Band of Horses

Why Are You Ok

Without fail every time I hear Ben Bridwell’s voice I’m transported back to senior year of high school. High school is where I really discovered my love for all things indie-alternative rock. Thanks to Daytrotter, indie 103.1 (RIP) and MySpace (RIP?), I discovered amazing bands that I would continue to follow into my adulthood. Band of Horses are one of those bands. They are able to delicately mix country, folk and alt all into a sound that is completely their own. Their 2016 release, Why Are You Ok, is a bit more sleepy than the previous albums but there are some standout tracks such as  “In a Drawer” and “Country Teen”. Whether you’re heading out for a long drive or want to relax at home and imagine you’re swaying on a big country porch with the gentle breeze drifting through the background, crank up this album and settle in for a dreamy escape.


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