Artist Spotlight: Joey Dosik


There is nothing better discovering an artist born and raised from your own city. I first heard about Joey Dosik when I saw that he would be opening for another band I love, Vulfpeck, back in June of this year at the Teragram Ballroom. I’ll be honest, I usually skip opening bands but I decided to preview a bit of Joey’s music before the show and after doing so, I knew I wanted to be there early to hear his gorgeous voice dance down the streets of Downtown LA. Dosik’s band, music, and background singers were all killer that night. Although I was familiar with one his most popular songs, “Game Winner” (a crowd-pleaser and favorite), it was a delight to find that the rest of his music is just as superb. Dosik’s music sounds like a mixture of Marvin Gaye and The Temptations mixed in with an array of his own soulful subtlety. Dosik’s voice has always had a calm assuring tone to it, especially on his 2012 EP Where Do They Come From? But something about his most recent EP Game Winner has taken on a more direct soulful range. My mom is a lover of all thing funk, r&b and soul. I played for her “Running Away” off of Game Winner and she fell in love as well. That’s the power of Dosik’s song writing; it speaks to new and older generations. When music can do that especially in this day and age where unoriginal songs continue to top the charts, it’s a beautiful thing that should be applauded and played on loop. I eagerly await his full length album and whatever else that’s good coming Mr Dosik’s way. Check out some of my faves below. Game Winner is available for purchase on iTunes and can be streamed on Spotify.


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