Friday Reviews

It’s a new year and there is great music to be heard. Most of this music was released at the very end of 2016 so I’m just hearing it now. Check out some of my faves!


The 88 Close To You

Los Angeles based pop-rock band, The 88 released their 7th album entitled Close to You and its one of their best. Although they lean on pop-alt-rock for most of their music, they also delve into jazz influences throughout the album. They even layer in a Smokey Robinson/Motown vibe specifically on “Losing You”. The 88 is much more than the band that sings the Community theme song. They are extremely talented musicians fronted by an awesome vocalist, Keith Slettedahl. Stream this album over on Spotify and check out “Losing You” below!

Freddie Mercury “The Golden Boy”

Leave it to Mercury to create a song like “The Golden Boy” that starts sounding like a typical operatic collaboration that he and Montserrat Callabe are used to, and turn it into a rousing soulful jam feautring a rockin’ choir. The song was originally recorded in 1988 and was part of Mercury’s second solo album, Barcelona. It’s being re-released as part of a greatest singles compilation. Check out this beautifully soulful single below.

H.E.R. “Focus”

Anonymity and music can go very well together if the music itself can stand on its on. A friend recommended I check out H.E.R and this girl can really sing. Following the Sia work ethic to let the music speak for itself; H.E.R’s music soars with beauty. H.E.R has a Tinashe-Jhene Aiko vibe but her EP is a solid R&B stunner. Check out my fave, “Focus” below.

Café Tacvba “Futuro”

When I first streamed “Futuro” I thought, “It wouldn’t be a Café Tacvba song if it wasn’t a little weird”. As a band that’s recently said of themselves that they’re, “ a group who is always trying to reinvent ourselves and take risks”, this new single validates that sentiment. Café Tacvba members, Enrique Rangel and Ruben Albarran battle on vocals and turn this trippy folk-EDM sounding single into a new classic for Tacvba. Check it out below!


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