Best of 2016


A lot of very interesting things happened this year, but among all the craziness, wonderful music was released. Let’s take a look back at top 5 best albums of 2016 and a few honorable mentions to round out the list.

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Album Review: The Beautiful Game


My favorite east coast based indie-funk band Vulfpeck is back with their funk and soul driven record The Beautiful Game. Ever since discovering this band while listening to the podcast Gilmore Guys, I have been obsessed. Vulfpeck is a musicians band but is relatable to even a casual fan because they make music that is plain fun, and this new album is no exception. With the release of every new EP and album, Vulfpeck keeps upping their production quality. I love that all the familiar voices you love on Vulfpeck classics are back and ready to saaang on The Beautiful Game. Christine Hucal is featured on “Animal Spirits”, an upbeat Jackson 5 driven tune about two unlikely people made for each other, as well as, “Margery, My First Car”, a dreamy re-done version of “My First Car” from the 2013 EP of the same name. Vulfpeck MVP vocalist, Antwan Stanley is back to serenade us on one of the albums best tracks, “Aunt Leslie”, a song both soulful and silly that could have easily been a late 80’s Michael Jackson B-side. My favorite from the album is a tie between the RIDICULOUSLY funky “Daddy, He Got a Tesla” with Jamire Williams killing it on the drums and the baseball jam “1 for 1, DiMaggio”. The latter is made for live audience interaction. I can’t wait to yell out my favorite baseball team to Antwan and laugh hysterically while front-man Jack Stratton rambles on about the New York “Yongels”. The best part of any Vulfpeck album is that Jack Stratton, Theo Katzman, Woody Goss, and bassist legend Joe Dart remain absolute consummate musicians, all the while you can feel they’re just brimming with joy and glee playing these deliciously funky songs. Settle in and take a huge bite, trust that you will be wanting seconds. The album available for stream on Spotify, or purchase on iTunes.